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Creating shared value


As a company, we at Nareva believe that any growth we see must be methodical and strategic. Responsible expansion is central to all that we do, and we see value creation as the engine that drives that expansion. We care deeply that our efforts improve the future for everyone involved, be it our staff, our clients, our neighbors, or the world at large.


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Our sustainable development policy is based on the major CSR principles established by our majority shareholder, Al Mada. This vision is articulated in three potent and captivating words:

  • "Sustainability"; by investing in the long-term structure of business sectors,
  • "Efficiency"; through fostering the formation of a modern economy.
  • "Positive Impact"; by respecting local territories and contributing to the development of the communities where our projects and assets are located.

Nareva's core values necessitate that the company be a socially responsible and ethical producer of shared value. Accordingly, we always comply with applicable domestic and international laws and regulations. We combine the creation of our projects with participation in community service in an effort to promote sustainable development. Looking for constant improvement is inherently consistent with Nareva's company DNA.

Beyond Compliance, we are defined by five core principles. Day in day out, These values demonstrate our commitment and corporate responsibility to our stakeholders—including our clients, suppliers, and local communities.

We take great pride in our shared principles, which include:

  • Respect, which guides our actions on a daily basis and shows in our attentiveness and ethical conduct.
  • Responsibility, which motivates us to consider shared value and long-term solutions for the sake of our business and its constituents.
  • Team spirit, a sense of shared purpose that motivates us to work together intelligently and cohesively to achieve our goals.
  • Innovation, which inspires us to seek or create disruptive solutions.
  • Boldness, which inspires confidence in our ability to make sound business choices that meet the expectations of our shareholders


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Our sustainable development policy revolves primarily around 4 commitments: social, societal, environmental and economic.

Social commitments

We at Nareva believe that our people are our greatest asset and the engine that keeps us going. The group encourages an accepting atmosphere in the workplace, which fosters this inventive spirit.

Our Human Resources policy is heavily focused on ensuring employee health and safety while also providing opportunities for their employees to grow and enhance their skills. Because of this, the company does everything in its power to provide optimal working circumstances in terms of health insurance, security measures, and training and advancement opportunities.

Societal commitments

Education and training, as well as social and economic integration through entrepreneurship, are two of the primary means by which Nareva works to enhance the living conditions of its surrounding villages and contribute to their overall growth and prosperity. We can build a lasting relationship with all of our stakeholders and use it to propel the growth of each of our production sites.

Nareva's goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people everywhere by helping to establish universally held principles. This is accomplished by maintaining an open and well-structured line of communication with the Project's stakeholders from the earliest stages of planning through completion and beyond.

Nareva has formed a strong partnership with Injaz Al Maghrib, a non-profit organization that aims to foster entrepreneurship among young people and rural communities, to provide greater depth to its philanthropic efforts:

  • Injaz Al Maghrib programs implemented by our volunteer workers in schools, colleges and high schools
  • Dedicated actions promoting academic success
  • A structured support course for cooperatives

Environmental commitments

By contributing to the energy transition and lowering carbon emissions, Nareva affirms its calling as a leading actor in Morocco's energy sector, in line with national plans and going above and beyond the standards of national and international regulators.

More than 60% of our asset portfolio is now derived from wind power, and we ensure that each new project combines the most appropriate technologies, resulting in the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Economic commitments

Nareva, as a responsible investor, looks to the challenges that arise in a sustainable economy and provides sustainable solutions that benefit investors and stakeholders, throughout its value chain.

We are putting in place the proper protocols and actively promoting responsible conduct from all of our project partners, including suppliers and subcontractors. To this end, we take on the role of a conscientious principal and encourage mutually beneficial collaborations that are sensitive to specific regional and local needs.