About us



From the moment an employee joins Nareva, our HR strategy is tailored to provide them with the best possible environment in which to showcase and grow their skills. Members of our staff can be found anywhere from major metropolitan areas to the rural areas where our projects are situated. We believe that our openness to the world around us, embodied in the variety of our profiles and the incorporation of local abilities, is a key to our success.

Our company values its employees and is committed to helping them reach their full potential. We also help people advance in their careers by creating opportunities for both group and individual skill development, so that they can realize their full potential, achieve their goals, and expand their horizons. All of our training programs, from the technical to the operational to the personal and managerial, are designed to help our employees achieve two goals at once: greater independence in their work lives and greater contributions to the success of the Moroccan economy in the trades of the future.

Our company requires that all of our teams operate in a project-based setting and focus on novel subject matter. Furthermore, as a firm that is committed to continuous education, we recognize the importance of fostering the production, application and transfer of new knowledge. A strategy that, in our view, is crucial to happiness, employability, communication, progress, etc., and which lays the groundwork for a thriving company culture that helps everyone succeed.

Send your applications to drhnarevaholding@nareva.ma