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Sebt El Guerdane irrigation project

Sebt El Guerdane irrigation project

Carried by the company AMENSOUSS, 100% Owned by NAREVA

Technology Hydraulic
Installed Capacity 180 000 m³ / day
Geographic location

El Guerdane in the Taroudant region (southern Morocco).

Date of commercial operation 06-2009

Production intended for farmers on 600 farms


1/ First Project carried out by NAREVA in Public-Private Partnership
2/ Project which has the dual objective of safeguarding the citrus perimeter and rebalancing the underground water resources by mobilizing an alternative resource, namely surface water regulated by the Aoulouz-Mokhtar Soussi dam complex
3/ The hydraulic structure of this project consists of (i) a 100-km main adductor connecting the Aoulouz dam to the El Guerdane perimeter and (ii) a pressurized irrigation network of a total length of 284 km