About us



The Board of Directors is a body whose primary responsibility is to monitor the management of Nareva's operations. The Board is responsible for protecting Nareva's assets, ensuring the safety of its employees, and planning for the company's future. The Board also decides on investments and sells off assets in addition to making strategic choices. It regulates the company's operations and keeps Nareva answerable to its investors. The Board, assisted by its committees, also assesses the reliability and validity of both financial and non-financial data. In addition, it examines Nareva's financial and non-financial information, as well as its strategic positioning, operations, social, and environmental performance.

The Council, which meets at least four times a year, is made up of the following members :

  • Aymane Taud, Chairman & CEO
  • Hassan Ouriagli, Administrator
  • Abdelmjid Tazlaoui, Administrator
  • Imad Toumi, Administrator
  • Ali Fassi Fihri, Administrator

There are now three board committees, and they are as follows:

The Strategic Committee, assisting the Board in determining Nareva's long-term strategic goals and approving or rejecting potential investments or divestures falls.

A Risk & Accountability Committee, evaluating the risk management strategy and its effects. Its other duties include overseeing the internal audit's design, execution, and completion of its work. Finally, it participates in gathering the External Auditor's judgment and commentary on the company's financial status.

A Nomination and Remuneration Committee, that is in charge of remuneration policy, appointing managers and corporate officers, assessing their performance and recommending next steps for their professional growth. It also analyzes high-potential workers who can be used to build a pipeline for future leadership.



Nareva is headed by a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, assisted by the members of the Executive Committee.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and his Executive Committee are in charge of overseeing the group's overall strategic direction, developing and financing projects, and providing assistance to Nareva's operational subsidiaries in areas such as corporate, legal, financial, and human resources.

The following individuals make up the Executive Committee:

  • Aymane Taud, Chairman & CEO
  • Mohamed Sebti, Deputy CEO - Managing Director Development
  • Abdellah Moati, Deputy CEO
  • Mariam El Hannoumi, Executive Vice President - CFO
  • Reda Hamedoun, Executive Vice President - Power-to-X & Strategy
  • Amandine Decoux, General Counsel
  • Ghita El Ouarzazi, Human Ressources Director