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Aftissat 2 Wind Park

Aftissat 2 Wind Park

Led by EEM (Energie Eolienne du Maroc), a wholly-owned subsidiary of NAREVA.

Technology Wind
Installed Capacity 200 MW
Output 1150.0 GWh per year

40 General Electric turbines with a nominal power of 5.0 MW

Geographic location

50 km south of Boujdour city (southern Morocco)

Date of commercial operation 08-2023

The generated energy is sold to major industrial clients connected to the national high and very high voltage grid


With the Aftissat 1 wind park already operational since October 2018, the commissioning of the Aftissat 2 wind park makes the Aftissat site the largest wind park in Africa at present.

CO2 emissions avoided

800,000 tons per year, equivalent to the CO2 absorbed by nearly 40 million trees annually